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Stopwatch Maps Now Offers Nationwide Coverage


New for the 2004 Tax Season!

Last tax season, Stopwatch Maps successfully offered the Taxography Property Tax Jurisdiction Geo-Referencing Service in the States of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Virginia. After receiving overwhelming feedback from our clients, state and local assessors, and property tax professionals, Stopwatch Maps has expanded the service to include assessor jurisdictions for all States in which personal property tax returns are required.  In addition, Stopwatch Maps now provides additional information to help tax professionals understand and identify the taxing districts their assets fall within.  This additional information includes the name of each township, village, city, and school district an asset falls within.  This service is now available for 2004 personal property tax return filings across the United States.

Using sophisticated mapping technology and a proprietary central repository of mapped jurisdiction data, our geo-referencing service is able to append correct jurisdiction information to each of your assets.   Accurately reporting your assets using the Taxography service can increase property tax compliance thereby avoiding late filings, penalties, and audits.     

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