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MBXVER: MapBasic Executable Version Fixer
Copyright 2003 Stopwatch Maps

Have you ever tried to run a MapBasic program, only to have MapInfo reject your request with this message?

Perhaps you are running MapInfo version 6.5 but the MapBasic program was compiled under version 7.0 of MapBasic.  MapInfo refuses to load and run a MapBasic executable compiled under a version later than its own, for fear that the program might call upon facilities that this version of MapInfo can not perform ... even if the program doesn't do that at all.

This is frustrating for any user, and it's frustrating for the program developer who wants to compile using the latest version of MapBasic even if the program being compiled calls only on facilities that were available in an earlier version of MapInfo. There needs to be a way around this. As we will see, there is a way. 

You can guess, from the message above, that the MapBasic compiler always embeds, in any MapBasic executable (.MBX) file it generates, its own version number, regardless of the level of MapInfo facilities the program calls on. But suppose that, after a MapBasic program has been compiled, we could:
  • Check the facilities the MapBasic program calls on, to determine the earliest version of MapInfo that can execute this MapBasic program; then …

  • Change the version number in the .MBX file to indicate that version to be the MapInfo version required.  

    Since MapInfo won't run a MapBasic program with a version later than its own, but will run a MapBasic program with a version number earlier than its own, we'd have the problem solved! The MapBasic program would run with any version of MapInfo that could logically support it.

We offer two versions of the program that performs this corrective action:

  • A command-line version, MBXVER...Easy to use, and it can be run from a DOS batch file...but it provides only its help text as guidance.

  • A Windowed version, MBXVERSION...Interactive, and can not be batched...but easier for the first-time user.

    DOWNLOAD documentation for MBXVER.

    DOWNLOAD the MBXVER product. 

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