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World Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time

World Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time contains mapped data representing time zones and detailed daylight saving information for all the countries of the world.  This information has been collected from numerous sources around the world to create the single most accurate world time zone and Daylight Saving information available. 

Stopwatch Maps has researched every country to provide our customers with quality information necessary for international applications.  Stopwatch Maps adheres to a stringent quality review process to ensure we meet the needs of our customers.  We have compiled all the different data formats we collect into a uniform structure to provide you with a single source for world time zones and Daylight Saving information.

World time zone boundaries follow a number of different geographic and political entities ranging from rivers and mountain ranges to international, local administrative, and city regions.  Our world time zone boundaries are parsed beyond just the 24 different time zones.  We have divided these zones into greater detail using country boundaries to benefit your everyday business needs.

Daylight Saving is defined and regulated differently in almost every country.  Governments (national, regional, and municipal) determine local time.  Some countries follow the same standards, formula, or process for determining the start and end dates and times for Daylight Saving year after year.  Other countries change more frequently allowing their political systems to modify their Daylight Saving schedules each year.  Stopwatch Maps actively tracks and maintains contact with our sources ensuring you current and accurate data.

World Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time is a great tool for business travelers, call centers, travel agencies, worldwide shipping and distribution, global transportation, and other multinational organizations.  

World Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time makes an excellent complementary product to WorldInfo, as it is edge matched with WorldInfo.  

Add Value to your Operations

Capturing this dynamic time zone and DST information for all the countries in the world requires a tremendous effort.  Yet this knowledge is fundamental to the operations of institutions competing in the global marketplace.


Multinational corporations utilize our time zones with DST data in order to successfully coordinate inbound/outbound call center applications.  Transportation companies achieve their customer service goals using this information to successfully coordinate delivery times, departure dates and arrival dates.  Telecommunication companies are able to successfully solve complex billing problems.  Virtually every industry with service areas that span one or more time zones can benefit from this data.


Stopwatch Maps research into this product has been exhaustive, even islands without inhabitants have been investigated, assigned a time zone and determined if DST is observed.  Through our data creation and quality assurance processes, Stopwatch Maps has created this unique and valuable database.  We are confident that our time zone and Daylight Saving information will add value to your service and operations.


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