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WorldInfo helps you locate almost any city, town, or village in the world both quickly and easily.  As a  global reference map, WorldInfo allows you to visualize things such as time zone boundaries, coastlines, international borders, roads, ports, airports, city points, elevation and contour data.  
The 37 intermatching layers of geographic information in WorldInfo can be useful for a variety of worldwide business applications.  Coupled with your business and customer data, customers can use WorldInfo to analyze:
  • emerging markets
  • potential sales locations
  • worldwide telecommunications networks
  • sales territory alignment
  • worldwide tracking and distribution
  • search and rescue missions
  • strategic military planning and homeland security initiatives


WorldInfo consists of 37 layers which include:

  • NEW!  World Region (2 layers) - displays regions of elevation for the world.  One layer displays elevations every 250 meters, the other every 1,000 meters.

  • NEW!  World Contour - displays contour lines for the world.

  • Country Time Zone (2 layers) - one layer is a generalized representation of time zones for land features of countries and the other layer contains a detailed representation of time zones.

  • Time Zone Boundary - contains world time zones for both land and ocean coverage.

  • International Date Line

  • Military Time

  • World Capitals

  • Countries (2 layers) - to view world countries at either higher or lower zoom levels.  

  • Administrative - a map layer of administrative boundaries with labels for Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and the United States.

  • Urban Sprawl

  • Islands of the World

  • World Points (2 layers) - displays more than 2 million point locations throughout the world including place names and cities.

  • Primary and Secondary Roads

  • Railroads located throughout the world.

  • Airports located throughout the world.

  • Ports - includes 70 fields of information including harbor size and type, entrance, restrictions, and presence of customs and immigration.

  • Transportation Structure Points - consists of tunnels, bridges, ferries, fords, and causeways as point objects.

  • Transportation Structure Lines - consists of tunnels, bridges, ferries, fords, and causeways as line objects.

  • Water Boundaries - includes small lakes and wide rivers.

  • Major Water - includes large lakes throughout the world.

  • Equator, Tropic of Capricorn, Tropic of Cancer

  • World Grid - spaced every 15 degrees.

  • World Borders

  • Ocean, Ocean Labels

  • Ocean grids - used to geocode specific world oceans as seas using longitude/latitude coordinates.  

Product Highlights

  • Current political world map

  • Includes over 187,000 points with high level accuracy

  • Includes over 2.2 million points with varying geographic accuracy that can be used to located names with local or historical spellings.  Alternative name spellings can improve the likelihood of locating, geocoding, and querying points of remote, small, and historic names.

  • World Time Zone Boundaries - only WorldInfo includes the most complete and accurate time zone boundary data available.  If you also require daylight saving time information, U.S. Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time is made to edge match perfectly with WorldInfo.  

PRICE: $2,495

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